Agile @ i2N

At i2N, we continually refine our agile methodology to deliver the best possible product to our customers

Meetings: at i2N, a series of meetings ensure everyone is heading towards the desired goals. Sprint planning set’s the goal for the next two weeks. Features and changes are assigned to ensure that no feature is out of reach. The daily Scrum is a short meeting designed to keep track of the development team, optimizing efficiency and preventing development ‘rabbit holes’, Sprint reviews held at the end of an increment are used to evaluate ‘done’ goals, while the product owner will go over the product backlog with entire group and collaborate on future features.

Benefits of Agile: Enables flexibility and risk management by identifying issues early one and adapting to them while testing is integrated into the whole process. Increments allows for quicker time to using the product. An increase in customer satisfaction, and the ease of predictable costs ensure no surprise changes completely readjusting the budgets.

Agile Testing: as we employ an agile methodology our security cleared testers are recognised members of the development team. Carrying out functional and non-functional testing, they're experienced in many development frameworks, with flexible engagement with the customer.