(BDD) Business Driven Development

Focussing on the business' needs, BDD aims to deliver the product that Users want

Business Driven Development: With an increase in flexibility and shorter turnaround when changes are implemented, at i2N we have adopted a business-driven approach to development. This is the culmination of business strategy, requirements and goals that transform into the development process. By understanding the business side and acquiring the requirements you are presented with a final product that everyone will be happy with.

Gherkin’s: Part of what makes the BDD successful approach is the use of Gherkins. Not everyone has the technical know-how to fully understand the development process from a business standpoint. This is where Gherkin comes in. As a language, it allows for the ability to describe a software’s behaviour without detailing how it works. Meaning there is no loss of information or miscommunication for all parties involved.

Automated Tests: In order to ensure maximum efficiency, we employ automated testing for low-level, repetitive and time consuming tasks. As well as being cost-effective, this allows the developing team to put their efforts into solving the more complex features and changes that happen throughout the agile process.