Body Worn Video Cameras

A range of cameras are availble for use with BWV Manager

Available directly from i2N, the BWVS2 is a Body Worn Camera designed for Police and local authorities. Integrated with Body Worn Video Manager software, this provides a single and easy to use BWV system with end-to-end Evidence Management.

Our Body Worn Video Solution is available from G-Cloud and Lots 1-4 of the EMSCU (East Midlands Strategic Commercial Unit) Framework for Police Forces.

The 1080p HD camera has a range of features that far exceeds the Home Office’s recommendation. It’s user friendly, tactile and easy to operate. With its multiple mounting options, small size and lightweight body it can be used in a variety of situations and places. And as it is an all in one unit, there are no safety issues or reliability problems that could arise due to external wires.