Body Worn Video Manager

Body Worn Video Manager is designed to capture, upload, manage and share video and sound recordings from all cameras across an organisation, and to load them securely into i2N’s Evidence Manager repository, ensuring security of the evidential chain

Recording and storage of video evidence: BWV Manager's open architecture supports multiple cameras storing data on premise or in the cloud.

Device Management: our check out/check in process ensures that no one can check a camera out until it has been checked in, and all recordings uploaded. Uploading can take place using wired docking stations, or by authorised users accessing wifi.

Evidential Integrity: Information cannot be lost or tampered with. Because a master copy is lways maintained without modification,video editing can be carried out at all times. A full audit trail is maintained using digital signatures.

Case Preparation: integrates with i2N’s Evidence Manager Digital Asset Management solution to support full preparation of Digital Case File.