Interventions Manager

Interventions Manager schedules, manages, tracks and reports on the range of statutory and non-statutory interventions, designed to reduce recidivism amongst people with convictions, and at the same time delivering significant savings through optimal use of resources

Collaboration and Workflow: create, edit and manage the lifecycle of a Referral as it passes between Teams, Departments and Agencies

Extensive Range: deliver, monitor and report Programme attendances, Educational achievement, Drug and Alcohol testing, and compilance with Community Orders

Resource Management: plan, schedule and track the delivery of group and one-to-one activities, allowing people with convictons to be managed through a set of scheduled sessions, to include monitoring of attendance, engagement and understanding, and achivement

Software As A Service: accessible via PSN or hosted in private cloud, Interventions Manager is available at national or local level, and in both the community and the custodial estate,