CJC MG Manager

CJC MG Manager offers easy to use, automated preparation of all the Manual of Guidance Forms required for a Court Case, utilising a common backend data repository,

CJC MG Manager enables speedy and cost effective Case Preparation:

  • provides the Digital Case File for Court, with a consistent view of the Case between Agencies and Courts
  • minimises duplication and input errors by validating data entry, by storing common information, and by automatically propagating changes across all Forms in a Case
  • is easy to use: electronic Forms appear identical to Manual of Guidance paper forms, so training for all parties involved in a Case will be kept to a minimum

CJC MG Manager enables an organisation to prepare cases for CPS review or direct Prosecution, by making the entire suite of Police Manual of Guidance Forms (MG Forms) available for data entry and linking them to a secure database.

All form functionality is provided through a web browser, so no additional software is needed on the desktop. All MG Forms are individually printable and emailable. They can be individually selected, and bundled together into a single PDF file.

CJC MG Manager minimizes the need for retyping information through storing common information (e.g. officer details, defendants, witness and exhibits) once per case. CJC MG Manager integrates with CJC Evidence Manager and CJC Court Case Manager.

Because all content entered into CJC MG Manager is centrally stored, it will be accessible to appropriate personnel for Management Information reporting and Intelligence.

CJC MG Manager is available as a Proof of Concept, with full Support Service.

For more information contact us now or see the CJC MG Manager on the CloudStore.

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